Founded in 2002, Access Asia LLC is a unique business development advisory firm specializing in creating and executing B2B growth strategies for multinational companies in the United States and Asia, especially Japan. 

We work with companies of all sizes, across diverse industries to optimize the performance of their in-house sales teams and independent dealer networks and penetrate new markets, both home and abroad.  As experts in sales force effectiveness, we quickly transform mediocre teams into high performance teams that consistently deliver extraordinary results. 

We Consult, Train and Coach.  We add precision to the art and science of sales and enable our clients to better succeed.

Our capabilities span diverse industries in Commercial, Industrial and Consumer Lifestyle sectors.



Is your company already active in the market, but your current in-house sales team is performing below expectations?  Do your trusted channel partners only delivery empty promises?  You see the potential is there but the sales are not?  Time to quickly turn it around and realize the sales growth that you deserve.  We deliver results that will exceed your expectations.  If it is broke or struggling ... we fix it ... we optimize!



As an extension of your management team, we step-in at short notice to help your company overcome specific organizational and complex business challenges.  We apply our deep expertise and temporarily fill strategic roles until a more permanent solution can be identified and implemented.  Our intercultural competence makes us equally suited for C-level to operational level assignments in the U.S. or Asia.



Your company has the desire to establish a presence and start selling in Asia or the US markets.  You want sound strategic advice, an aggressive action plan and execution that results in immediate sales, sustainable profits and defensible market share.  You need a trusted advisor and counselor that fully understands your business and is prepared to do whatever it takes to help you achieve international success.  We are it.



We drive sales and service performance improvement of in-house teams and external channel partners.  As an alliance partner with Miller Heiman Group®, we implement the world's best training methodologies and tools that result in total alignment of your sales resources and dramatic improvement of individual and team win rates with measurable and sustainable returns.  We create high performance sales and service teams that deliver.



Sales skills reinforcement for all levels of Account Reps and Sales Managers.  We lead you through the critical factors and sequencing to enable you to become better positioned with accounts, leverage unique strengths and win significantly more business.  Our Executive Coaching is centered on domestic and international strategy, implementation and optimization.  Our US-Asia Cross Cultural Coaching ensures diverse teams operate as one.



We are your strategic resource for 'out-of-the-box' thinking on must-win projects and important target accounts.  We ask the right questions, challenge conventional approaches and add unique perspectives so the win probability is shifted to your favor.  From start to finish, we guide you through the development and implementation of unique strategies that result in big wins.  Deal Coaching is on a Pay-For-Performance basis. 

Reach out to us for a no cost, no obligation exploratory consultation.